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I am truly honored that my very first special guest to kick off the “Touch Moment” interview series on is the talented and charismatic shining star, that is the one and only Bao Han.

For 20 years, her talent, beauty and generosity have touched so many fans around the world. Every one of her stage performances whether it be in concert or on “Paris By Night” is mesmerising. She is what the Americans I understand call a triple threat: a singer, a model a fashion designer. There is nothing this iconic woman cannot do, but there is more to Bao Han: she is astutely clever, sensitive, down to earth and simply just great fun to be around.
I still remember the first time I saw Bao Han on VHS, she wore small red hot-pants and ever since, right up until her last performance at “PBN 100”, I have always been excited to see her, whether it is live or simply on a DVD, I usually fast-forward all the other songs to start with hers!!!

Two years ago while travelling to Vienna, Austria for a business trip, I had the luck of meeting her quite spontaneously. Had I had time to think about it nerves may have got the better of me and I may have chickened out!!! It was love at first sight (at least for me). She instantly put me at ease and I was immediately comfortable in her company. I believe in destiny, meeting her was not just an lucky accident. Bao Han has become more to me than just an idol, she has become a close friend, my spiritual sister. Bao Han also has personal blog where she shares her experiences and emotions. Discover it for yourself at will quickly understand her strength and positivity, share her sense of humour and life experiences, Bao han is truly inspirational to me as I am sure she is to many others.

During my last trip in LA, we spent an entire day together, eating, laughing, and talking. We both have a common passion: fashion. Here is a privileged moment that I would like to share with you: Bao Han and I talking about fashion, her life and what inspires her on a daily basis!!!

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Minh: You are known internationally as a famous vietnamese singer, but I also know that you have studied Fashion…please share with us, how important your interest in fashion influences your everyday life?

Bao Han: The oddest thing is, even though fashion means quite a lot to me I don’t really think about it on a daily base. I guess it all depends on where I’m going or if there any special occasions that requires for me to dress up but just like many others I prefer to be dressed down and be comfortable. Funny thing is, my fiancé actually loves it when I dress up and put on my heels. I’ve heard from other girlfriends how their men don’t like it when their girlfriends are somehow showing too much and or probably too glammed up but THIS man here LOVES it when I wear dresses, show legs or cleavage. If anything he is probably the one who encourages me to be more stylish in my everyday life.

Minh: Not taking into account all your different glamourous looks on stage, how would you describe your every day dress?

Bao Han: I always prefer comfort above everything. I have to admit that I live in pants. during summertime when it gets hot and maybe sometimes humid I do prefer dresses or skirts but again, comfort before looks. I hate the feeling of something clinging on to me so it’s usually flowy and quite girly. At nighttime when I go out, it’s back to pants business cause they makes me feel strong, confident and sexy.

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Minh: Out of your many stage costumes which is your favourite performance outfit and why?

Bao Han: Oh goodness….that’s a tough question!!! 18 years is a long time with endless numbers of costumes and traditional ao dais. I actually loved all the Vietnamese ao dais that I got to wear on Paris by Night so that’s one outfit I truly loved. And the most memorable outfit is probably the last one I got to wear on Paris by Night 100. The corsage with lots of crystals was made by anh Calvin Hiep, and the boots were handmade by Bao Tranchi. You couldn’t really see the details but I had actually lots of stars around my calves which was just so perfect cause the title of my song was in fact “my shining star”.

Minh: You always are very well groomed and well turned out,  where do you go shopping? Are you prepared to share any of your favourite shops with our readers? Which are your favourite cities for shopping ?

Bao Hanhaha I go shopping at the cheapest places and if I go into a more upscale store/boutique I automatically rush to the SALES section. Don’t ask me why but I am a very determined bargain shopper. My philosophy is that you can ALWAYS find anything for much less. You just have to look and be patient. I love Zara for its style and affordable prices, H&M for more cheap finds as well as Forever 21 even though I passed 21 many many years ago. I also love stores like Nordstrom Rack, Loehmann’s, DSW etc. cause these are the places you can always find some designer pieces for much less. Patience and digging yourself through the racks are definitely the key words in order to be successful. I guess living in California has left quite and impact on me or maybe it’s because I know exactly where to find what so Los Angeles is surely on my list of favourite shopping cities

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Minh: As you grew up in Austria, how would you best describe the differences between European and American style? I know the USA is your adopted home so can I ask which of the two is your favourite?

Bao Han: Austrians/Europeans in general are surely more relaxed and effortless when it comes to fashion and beauty. It’s all about natural beauty, enhancing what you’ve got without overdoing it. Less is more. Americans go for everything that makes them look good. Everything goes! The more daring, the more adventurous, the more stylish the better.
I like both approaches cause it always depends on my mood. Funny thing is when I was in the US I sometimes felt too plain and then sometimes too overdressed whenever I was in Austria. So now it’s all about how I personally feel, the occasion etc and I just put on whatever feels right, looks good on me and believe me, I know EXACTLY what looks on me and what I shouldn’t be wearing. After all I know my body best.

Minh: What is your last purchase?

Bao Han: I bought a very light weight tank top from Zara. You can never have enough of these loose tops. Especially during summer it’s an essential piece to wear with denim shorts, skirts etc.

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Bag : Yves Saint Laurent

Minh: Your favourite item? Your classic “must have” items?

Bao Han: I’m obsessed with scarfs. While still touring as a singer it was very important to me to keep my throat warm at all times. What started out as an essential accessory turned into a fashion obsession cause a scarf can totally make an outfit complete. Naturally I own waayyy too many scarfs but in my defense I really wear them a lot.

Minh: Who do you take your fashion inspiration from? Who is your favourite fashion icon? Who inspires you the most?

Bao Han: I love sitting at a coffee shop and do some people watching. That’s one way to get inspired. I also love PINTEREST and collect all the different looks in case I need to pull out an outfit for a particular occasion.
When it comes to style I think Kate Moss is still my favourite fashion icon. I would love to raid her closet. I think all these cool chicks from Great Britain are like rock stars when it comes to fashion and I really like that leather leggings, sky high heels, loose off the shoulder shirt with some cool print kind of look. Rocker chic at its best.

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Necklaces :
necklace with round pendant: the Love Verse/ Jewelry Couture
necklace with T pendant: Urban Outfitters
 necklace with crystal pendant: Forever 21

Minh: Talking about celebrities, if you have the chance to be part of the Fashion Police for one day? Please share with us the best and worst dressed celebrities?

Bao Han: Best: Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, Charlize Theron, Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo.
Worst: Miley Cirus, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Kelly Osborne etc.

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Watch and bangle: Calvin Klein

Minh: Clearly you work out and have a great sense of style, do you have any fashion tips or beauty secrets for the ladies who would like to look like you?

Bao Han: I don’t work out but thank you for believing it. Haha I don’t know how to answer this question because every woman has a different body shape, different look etc. I would LOVE to work on women and help them with their looks individually cause what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for others. It would require for us to sit down and talk about what she likes and then we go through the process of trying on things just so I can see if it truly works for her. It would be my dream to become a personal stylist.

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Shades : Simons

Minh: What are your must have beauty products?

Bao Han: Moisturizer, a peeling, hydrating mask. Without a nice and hydrated skin it doesn’t matter how much make up you put on your face…it’ll look bad no matter what. Hydrated and firm skin is the key to everything!!

Minh: Beauty they say comes from within, do you believe this and if so what makes you happy?

Bao Han: Little things can make me happy. The sun, a cup of soy chai latte, a compliment, a smile, chocolate etc. just look around and you’ll find happiness in every corner.

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Minh: What is your passion in life?

Bao Han: My family, my fiancé, my friends. They give me love and love is passion. Staying positive in life is my ultimate goal. Sharing this positivity with others has become my passion

Minh: What type of men are you naturally drawn to? Do clothes make the man? If so what's your favourite style for men?

Bao HanConfident, smart, a great sense of humor, charming men. I gotta admit that I do look at men who dress well. A great sense of style just shows how much a man cares about himself. He doesn’t have to wear brand names only in order to make a statement. Just a simple white shirt, black or dark grey jeans with nice dress shoes can make him look like a million bucks. I’m in love with David Beckham’s style. He looks good ALL THE TIME. Even when he is rushing through the airport with grey jeans and a denim shirt, white sneakers….it’s so incredibly nice to look at. Simplicity with and edge.

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Minh: Lastly do you have any special message for the readers of iminhtouch?

Bao Han: Wear what makes you feel like you. Don’t follow fashion trends cause all the fashion  magazines and celebrities tell you so. Be comfortable but don’t be scared to experiment with fashion. After all fashion is supposed to be fun. It’s just clothes. Clothes that can make you feel better about yourself instantly. 


Blouse : H&M
Shorts : H&M
Shoes : BCBG
Bag : Yves Saint Laurent
Shades : Simons
Necklaces :
necklace with round pendant: the Love Verse/ Jewelry Couture
necklace with T pendant: Urban outfitters
 necklace with crystal pendant: Forever 21
Belt: H&M
Watch: Calvin Klein
Bangle: Calvin Klein

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