Yannick Aellen has been one of my favorite interviewees in the last few years!!! I really admire him for single handedly dragging Switzerland’s fashion scene onto the global stage, his unabashed enthusiasm for living life to the full and his charming modesty.

Yannick Aellen is the co-founder with Ursina Widmer of the Swiss Fashion platform "MODE SUISSE"(so he must know what he's talking about), but he is perhaps more commonly known for his casting and production work for such clients as Louis Vuitton, Walter Pfeiffer and Alexis Mabille. He also finds the  time to undertake the casting process for Heidi Klum’s “Germany’s Next Top Model”.His recent project lists in Switzerland grow with "MODE SUISSE" including twice a year specialized collections of both “up and coming” as well as established Swiss designers.

To be honest, being in a room with such intelligence, creativity and charm... it’s hard not to be smitten!!! Read my “Touch Moment” interview with Mr. Yannick Aellen!!!

© Damien Murer for iminhtouch

MinhWhat is your current state of mind?

Yannick: To be honest, maybe a little bit tired this morning... There's been a lot of work and travelling lately, a lot of thinking also. 

Minh: What is your greatest extravagance?

Yannick: Buying diptyque candles in Zurich. They cost a fortune here!?! 

MinhWhat is your most treasured possession?

YannickA few art and design pieces by friends whom I admire a lot like Tobias Spichtig, Christa de Carouge or that huge scarf by Beatriz Würsch. 

MinhWhat do you like most about your appearance?

YannickSome of my outfits - and my nose (laughs). 

MinhWhat do you most value in your friends?

YannickTheir depth of thinking and quirkiness. 

MinhWhat is your most marked characteristic?

YannickMaybe I am not the easiest to catch? 

MinhWho are your favorite fashion designers?

YannickHaider Ackermann, Raf Simons, Julian Zingerli and Laend Phuenkit 

MinhWhat is your favorite spot for holidays?

YannickIt totally depends the moment and état d'esprit; so far, this goes from Grisons or Menorca to Southeast Asia via New York or Brazil...  

MinhName three celebrities that you would…. make out with, marry and avoid?

YannickMake out with? James Franco / Marry? Not met yet / Avoid? Vladimir Putin

© Damien Murer for iminhtouch

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