In touch with Amsterdam: what a truly amazing cosmopolitan city! 

When asked what attracts me to Amsterdam, it so easy to answer: the city is a melting pot of inspiration and creativity helped by a number of very famous local design schools together with an influx of art trained professionals from all over the world. The best thing to do in Amsterdam has to be riding your bike along the canals!!! SOO MUCH FUN!!! Note to self for next time: skinny jeans are not the new pedal pushers!!!... especially at traffic lights. Jumping on and off a saddle when stationary is excruciating for a man!  And for a woman I would not recommend this fashion faux pas either! Lol 

I was very lucky, the weather was sublime: sunny with a slight cool breeze!!! So many excuses made to enjoy another cappuccino, at another canal side table with another friend.... watching the world (and very good looking local residents) go by!!! I am always impressed with the museums: the futuristic Eye museum, Contemporary Art Museum and the impressive Rijks national museum are all worth a visit. The Rijks has an amazing Asian pavilion with extraordinary antique artefacts and a mind blowing collection of Kimonos.  Unfortunately, 3 days is never enough.... It is impossible not to have fond memories of this city and I am missing the lifestyle it presents already. I just can't wait to be back “in the saddle” wearing sensible trousers next time!!!

© iminhtouch

© iminhtouch

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