© Philippe Girard for iminhtouch

It’s always a “wake-up call” when you find out how others perceive you...especially from your close friends. Like holding a mirror up in front of you and not recognising the image back!!! They say the camera never lies but I truly didn’t recognise myself in the next series of photographic portraits when I first saw them.  I must have a split personality because someone different was staring back at me.

For this special project, I collaborated with a friend and very talented photographer Philippe Girard. He is not only acutely gifted behind a camera but also an outstanding lifestyle blogger. Check out more from his creative mind on his blog: www.philippe-girard.ch

I am wearing a stunning jumper made in black organza. I met the designer himself named Chance (also by chance), in Taiwan last summer. This amazing piece is available at A.P.O boutique in Taipei.

© Philippe Girard for iminhtouch

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