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Time passes so very fast... where does it go? I can’t believe in July I will be celebrating the 1st anniversary of iminhtouch. When I started this project, my idea was to have a diversion, a creative outlet, a hobby for fun that was quite separate from my everyday life here in Switzerland: a platform to express myself and share my passion for fashion with you guys and to make you smile. After all fashion should always be fun! Not for one second did I imagine the impact that iminhtouch would have on my life. In the last year through my blog I have got to meet so many new and wonderful people as well as experiencing exciting diverse new creative environments. A lot of you have asked do I have a "proper job"? The answer is yes! I realize I am a very lucky, I work for an amazing company and have a position that allows me the opportunity to travel. Today my job and my blog together allow me the chance to discover so many different cultures, so many different opinions and have so many different experiences. In the last year the more I travel the more I feel akin to my Asian heritage and culture…probably the need to reconnect my roots having been brought up in an immigrant family. I keep remembering the feeling I had recently in Taipei. This feeling of being miles away from everything that is constant but feeling at the same time so at home and alive. 

As you may know, two years ago with my family I visited Vietnam for the first time. It was so moving for me to see my parents so happy surrounded by their beloved friends and family in their hometown where they spent their childhood.

We all make many choices in life. My parents’ choice was to give my brother and I a better life than they had. They achieved that perfectly sometimes at the cost of their own happiness. In the last week I understand I only get one life to live, we all choose our own path, we all choose where we live, where we work. We are influenced by loved ones, friends, colleagues and sometimes selfless acts of generosity: more often by family, sometimes from friends and occasionally from complete strangers. Sometimes strangers turn into friends and friends turn into strangers. Perhaps we don't always acknowledge those people we take for granted until they are gone. 
Recent events have made me realize that life is not a dry run, it is not a rehearsal, we don't get a second chance, we have to live every day without a re-run. We need to tell those around us that they are special. Try living like you will never get a second chance: live like you'll never get a chance to apologize, tell someone you love them when you can, share an umbrella in the rain with a stranger or perhaps tomorrow morning simply make the girl in Starbucks smile! The girl with no name, who you see every morning who makes you the same coffee, who you normally ignore. Just make someone feel special.

What I'm trying to say is thank you all for your support and your feedback and messages on iminhtouch. In the last year you've changed the way I view the world!

I would like to dedicate this to my parents and to someone I will never get the opportunity to show London to, someone who through iminhtouch reached out and made my life a little bit better.

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