Photography by Marc André Hinkel (

Following my "Touch Moment" with designer Alexandra Pfister, I must say she is fast becoming my latest “fashion”crush. Somehow I just wanted to find another way to present her label Asandri on The big question mark was how? How to explore in an original way her very tailored and glamorous silouetted line. Alexandra shared with me that she likes to work with contrasts, juxtaposing masculine with feminine, hard with soft. Then I think I saw a light bulb go on in her eyes! She suggested I try on some pieces from her latest women’s collection. I've got an open mind and I know from experience most stylists hash together both mens and womenswear collections for editorials. However when she pulled out a pair of leather pants (trousers not underwear lol), I seriously started to reconsider: images of David Hasselhoff or Ross from friends starting flashing through my head.

But you have to trust a professional's vision and she styled me head to toe.
The amazing tailored shirt with contrasting collar, made in Switzerland, is composed of 60% silk and 40% of the finest Egyptian cotton. The leather slim pants produced in Italy are made of Nappa leather from France. However I am now hooked... surprisingly comfortable as the leather is very stretchy and creates a fantastic silhouette! Very rock star! The amazing leather clutch comes from Japan and was inspired by the origami tradition ( She knew her pieces could be worn by men but confided our experiment excelled her expectations: perhaps next year it is time for her to launch her men’s label! I for one can't wait for that! In the meantime I want the pants! For the time being Alexandra offers tailored and custom made men’s shirts. Well I simply could not resist!?! For Alexandra, it is all about emotion! Clothes should make you feel sexy and confident!

Special thanks to Alexandra for her inspirational styling and also a big shout out to Mark Hingel for the gorgeous photographic studies! Combining Mark's artistic vision in his trademark black and white was the perfect complimentary match for Alexandra's look and mystic black styling!


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