Photography by Shermin T (

For the first time on "iminhtouch" I wanted to shake things up a bit and invite a guest to work with me on a fashion shoot: but in front of the lens rather than behind. The choice was a no brainer. Philippe Girard is a very important contributor of iminhtouch usually in the role of intuitively gifted photographer behind the lens, it's impossible for him to take a bad photo, but also a great friend (and very photogenic in front of the lens!).

From our different looks to the contrast in our personalities; you could definitely call us “The Opposites". Despite all our differences, we always end up with insightful and successful collaborations as we both share the same passion for our own respective blogs. (Check out Phillippe on For this first joint venture we decided to push both our comfort zones and try something a little different! From the play of light, the choice of architecture to the monochromatic styling, we embraced the fact that we are the complete opposite! I think you'll agree it just seems to work!

Special thanks to Asandri for the beautiful shirts,
Bon for the support during the shoot and last but not least 
Shermin T for the wonderful images and video!


  1. This is amazing! Absolutely love the idea of having the two of you posing in front of the camera!
    xx Cheyenne

  2. Incroyable ce shooting! J'adore. Romi