Photography by Shermin T (www.sherminT.net)

Since the launch of my blog, I have played with different looks reflecting my personality. I'm sure you remember I even tried a mutlicolor funky street style look and ended up looking like a teenager! Well everyone makes mistakes especially teenagers lol! Let's put that down to experience but at least it helps you to discover the real you!

Time after time, I am starting to realize that what defines you the most is not how you look or the clothes that you choose, it's finding the confidence to be yourself. Fashion should always be fun and enable you to explore new boundaries. If I have to choose my favourite all time look, I believe this article best sums up my current state of mind: romantic and confident. Perhaps it's simply I am more and more at peace with myself. Perhaps I'm just getting older? For men of a certain age remaining elegant, sleek and comfortable is the key.  It is not a matter of how many designer brands you are wearing from head to toe but it is how you mix and match what you have and knowing from experience what suits you and what doesn't. For this elegant summer dandy outfit, I am wearing a full Zara look. Definitely my favourite suit of the season. 

We shot this look in Amsthaus IV Zurich. The location was both daunting and inspiring by the scale of the space and luxurious wall paitings. It felt quite opppulant to be shooting in such a space… perhaps quite fitting for such a dandy!

Photography by Shermin T (www.sherminT.net)

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