Photography by Maurice Sinclair (www.sinclairfotografie.com)

I am definitely an old romantic at heart. Hollywood "rom coms" have a lot to answer for! But are these notions of true love still valid today? Do urban fairytales and happy ever afters still exist? Being part of the digital generation and having a social media dependency, it is "virtually" impossible for people to find their true love. Your expectations and criteria for picking a partner from a global "gene pool" have evolved. Unlike grandma you won't meet your soul mate in the same village! Am sure grandma never needed a gps? All the smartphone applications designed to help you to meet the perfect partner do the exact opposite. You are reduced to a temporary distraction for another bored unrealistic singleton! Once upon a time I met people sharing an umbrella at a bus stop, simply standing in a bar chatting to a beautiful stranger or being sat at the singles table at your best friends wedding! Now we can choose a date like choosing the latest Zara accessory from a website and directly order online! A friend told me recently that after being dumped by the boyfriend ( incidentally via "what's app") instead of getting a new haircut this time around she just re-photoshopped her instagram user account and sat back to wait for a "booty call"! This is an intelligent beautiful and articulate woman! One of the most gifted of our species... Has finding a mate really come to this?Are developed photoshop skills now considered the height of evolution? In contrast another friend's mother (a 60's model) tripped over her future husband's feet whilst he was repairing an exhaust pipe under an Austin A30 car on the Kings Road! 50 years later they are still driving the same car together!

With this article I wanted to go back to the age of innocence and big screen romances of the past. My main inspiration for this shoot was the movie “Cry Baby”: I just needed to find my angel! I was honored to share the lens with today's exceptionally jaw droppingly beautiful Swiss model Billie Jean! Everyone on the set simply fell in love with her vulnerability! Despite my romantic inclinations, I do realize love does not conquer all, happy ever afters are not as common outside Hollywood romantic comedies. Now I love not for the feeling it gives me but because someone is amazing and deserves to feel special but experience tells me sometimes that's just not enough and the princess still chooses another prince…

Photography by Maurice Sinclair (www.sinclairfotografie.com)


Billie Jean Harper, Maurice Sinclair, Valou, and Zola from Attom Shop (https://www.facebook.com/attomconcepstore?ref=ts&fref=ts)

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