Photography by Maurice Sinclair (www.sinclairfotografie.com)

Vienna has so many inspirational locations to offer. With about 70 cultural facilities in the Museums Quartier alone, it has one of the largest art and cultural complexes in the world. Buildings from the 18th and 19th century sit very comfortably against text book examples of hi-tech museums: a who's who of contemporary architecture! It was simply the perfect backdrop to highlight the sleek and deconstructed minimal look that Marc Stone has made his signature (www.marc-stone.ch). 

Marc Stone offered for this article a stunning ensemble hand picked from of his latest 2014 Spring/Summer Collection. Here I have the chance to share with you a great collaboration. The juxtaposition of the strong architectural lines of Vienna against the texture and soft coloured miminalism of the outfit reveal a stark complimentary contrast between the two. Marc always convinces me to swap my slim jeans and jackets for loose and vaporous alternatives. 

For a moment, the universe stopped: I was in another perfect virtual world created by architects, a designer and a gifted photographer. It brought me to a true aesthetic spiritual serenity!

Photography by Maurice Sinclair (www.sinclairfotografie.com)

ATTIRE BY MARC STONE (www.marc-stone.ch)

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