Photography by Cheng Chen / Editing by Philippe Girard

Two weeks ago I flew back to Shanghai for a couple of days… I am the first to admit that I am indeed soo lucky to travel as much as I do through my PR work and during this short stopover, I actually had a day off to explore the secrets of Shanghai.

This article Hopes to showcase China's Jewel of a city: the melancholic historical buildings to the high tech state of the art urban skycrapers. For a total immersion in Shanghai, I had the chance to collaborate with the fantastic local menswear brand “THREESOCIETY” ( I just fell in love with their 2014 Fall/Winter collection! The choice was too great!!! I finally decided to go for a kaki and navy blue trench coat combined with a matching cardigan. You may have noticed my passion for colour blocking by now! Lol.

We started the day on Wukang road. I was so impressed by the wukang Building, which is the most famous edifice on this road. The building was the most famous English-styled building in Shanghai during the 1930s. The Wukang Building was designed by the architect Hudec. The Shanghainese call Wukang Road "the mini Xintiandi" because of the special shops and restaurants. It was pretty fun to shoot there…you cannot tell from the pictures but it was a very busy crossroads and I actually had to stop the traffic completely to take one shot!

The adventure continued to the Tianzifang Dstrict! Next time you visit Shanghai  don’t miss this area: so many craft shops, design studios, galleries and boutiques. It is ardently supported by crowds of yuppies, trend setters, designers: a real arty and edgy  design area!

For the shopaholic being in Shanghai, you have to visit  Nanjing Road, the main shopping street in Shanghai and one of the busiest in the world. To be honest shooting there was bags of fun ! Soo many people stopped to ask for pictures and selfies. Most thought I was a chinese actor! I just didn't want to disappoint them! Lol

After being stuck in the traffic (totally normal in Shanghai), we arrived at Shanghai 1933. A magnificent concrete, steel and glass building, situated in the Honkou district: it is visually striking against Shanghai’s urban landscape as well as the other buildings of the local neighbourhood. It was originally designed by Balfours, a British Master Architect, and built by the Yu Hong Ji Construction company in 1933.

Our tour ended on the bund with a first stop at the Garden Bridge, one of the landmarks of the old Shanghai. The Garden Bridge is the first all-steel structured bridges in China. The Garden Bridge of Shanghai has a long history of over a hundred years. Nowadays it’s more like an attractive spot where travellers from home and abroad can take photos. So many couples took their wedding pictures here whilst we where shooting. We had to fight with many "bridezillas" for a little spot lol!  If in Shanghai you have to have a photo on the Bund!!! For a century the Bund has been one of the most recognizable architectural symbols and pride of Shanghai. After travelling around the word, I still remain a little kid every time I see skycrapers… probably an obsession since I was a young kid. I can understand that every morning people come here to do exercises and every evening they come to appreciate the view with their loved ones.

In summary, I truly hope I  have brought to you a little something from Shanghai… Asia is and will always have a special place in my heart… one day I want to live in one of these cities and experience all this everyday…now which one ? Taipei ? Bangkok ? Singapore ? Ho Chi Minh City ? Shanghai ? Only the future will tell!

Photography by Cheng Chen / Editing by Philippe Girard


Special Thanks to Fairy and Moya for their amazing support during the shooting!

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