Photography by Parinya Wongwannawat (

Sporty rock'n' pop is definitely a current trend at the moment we can see it from the catwalks of Paris and London through to the high street capsule collection of Alexander Wang for H&M. I absolutely adore this look, perhaps that Korean pop star in me still never really died! LOL No one does it better than Maciej Trzmiel, a young and talented designer from Poland ( His current designs are based on simple forms decorated with geometric cuts and prints. His collection is intended for both men and women. His trade mark look is again shown off by the exceptional quality of his garments and awe inspiring attention to detail. Innovation in construction and the use of contrasting texture mixes a classic look with a contemporary sports feel. Maciej Trzmiel is not surprisingly the winner of the Golden Thread contest in 2013 and Talent WFS in 2012.

With this look, I really wanted to show you another side of me. The element of surprise is always important... Life and fashion is about experimenting and having fun.... you gotta shake it up occasionally! If people expect a suit and tie all the time perhaps they constantly label you as safe, conservative and perhaps boring! I'm often told I'm traditional, too sensitive and over romantic. I don't know if that's a compliment or not.  No matter how you are perceived whether it's the clothes your wearing, the morals you live your life by or indeed the character you've evolved to be, that's just you as a package. Why fight against  who you are? In the end what really counts is that you feel happy and proud to be you! Just be yourself... and fight for what makes you happy!

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