Photography by Philippe Girard (www.philippe-girard.ch)

As you know I have recently visited such amazing cities as London, Shanghai, Vienna and Montreal but I wanted to give you an insight into my everyday "normal" life. As a PR the inside of airports almost become as familiar as home: the travelling being a necessity for me to complete my job! However when I am at home, my favourite way of spending my precious freetime is with my family and friends, enjoying breakfast in bed, spending an afternoon reading the national papers at the starbucks sipping a soy milk Chai latte or simply runing my domestic errands at the Saturday morning market!

I wanted through this article to communicate my idea of looking smart but feeling comfortable. As a man, we do not have to always be extravagant unless you are born Italian then it's a god given right to be "uno piccolo pavone" all the time! The rest of us are less fortunate.

Dressing is all about the details, the choice of texture, material or color. Colorblocking is fast becoming my trademark look. For this dark, cosy but elegant aesthetic, I decided to introduce some  accent colors for a touch of fun with this limitless scarf from H&M! Yeah I was surprised to find this in there too… And do not forget to mix and match!It is not about how many labels you can wear at one time but more about style and fun!

I really want to share with you my passion for fashion and travel but I also feel very comfortable to go back to basics and give you a glimpse into my everyday off hours life.


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