Photography by Tee Tran ( / Creative Director Bao Han (

Wow!!! I have to thank you all for the amount of feedback to iminhmontreal part 1! I did not expect a response like that all and was very touched by the support and comments! It was definitely one of my favourite city shoots. So how could I do better than post part 2 on my Birthday!

This article means so much to me: having the chance to discover an amazing new city, a guided tour via a photo-shoot undertaken by the talented husband and wife dynamic duo that is visionary photographer Tee and creative director Bao Han. An unforgettable day with friends who together perfectly created a very intimate and personal collection of images documenting 24 amazing hours in Montreal. Here is the part 2 of our special collaboration.

When we brainstormed with Bao Han and Tee, I really wanted to capture my current mood and show the real me off guard unposed and relaxed. They came up with the theme “Dandy in the city”. They were soo right! I definitely tend towards the dapper, looking more elegant and sophisticated makes me feel comfortable and relaxed at the moment. Perhaps I simply don't feel the need to pull off a streetstyle look anymore!

For this look I am wearing my favourite new double breasted blazer (my new addiction with color blocking) from Giorgio Armani combined with a Zara coat from the 2014 Fall/Winter collection. As I always say, it is all about mixing and matching and how you wear the clothes that defines the style not the expensive brands you are wearing.

Montreal to me is definitely the European version of New York! If you ask me three things that best describe the city, I would tell you the kindness and open mindedness of the people, the adorable French Quebec accent and that expansive underground subterranean city. So clever to be able to shop for hours and hours in the height of winter without catching frostbite!

Hope you will enjoy this last article as much as the three of us enjoyed producing it!

I just want to say thank you to Bao Han and Tee for their infectious "joy de vivre", endearing friendship and constant support. You are more than friends, but family... and a real creative inspiration and motivation to me every single day. Love you guys to pieces!


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