The last few weeks have been intense both mentally and physically draining for me… After constant traveling and a hectic work schedule I need time and space to step back, relax and contemplate. No matter where I go, how exotic, vibrant or beautiful  the place, no matter what I am there to do… I am always more than happy to be back home: The firmness of my own bed, the scent of my own coffee machine, being surrounded by my own things or just the indulgence of being able to read a monthly magazine in my underpants!

Time is the most precious thing and time for yourself is the ultimate luxury because many of us never put ourselves first. IMINHOME is my own sanctuary of peace and calm. Today, I am happy to share with you a little bit of the more private side of me… perhaps a little insight into the "off duty". Minh! Here is a photographic log of my favorite objects, gifts and souvenirs that I been given or bought whilst travelling. Why do we buy a souvenir? Is it a need to remember a great time that we don't want to forget? Is it a way of reminding ourselves there's a great big world out there and it's only ourselves that limit our experiences. Or is it a need to collect, to create something personal that reflects our own tastes and desires and the need to create a nest. Everyone's home reflects their character. Like my personal style I like to keep it contemporary, simple, minimal but always with humour...something to always make me smile!

2015 will definitely be a new start for me both professionally and personally. There's so many more things I want to achieve and see! As I already shared with you, last year's observation for the new year: To be happy.

If I decide to move to Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Primrose Hill or Victoria Peak… what I do know is that IMINHOME will always be waiting for my next return!

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