Photography by Parinya Wongwannawat (

Fashion not unlike personal style both are permanently in a state of continual flux. Like your personnality and life experiences, sometimes you are in an adventurous mood and nothing's gonna hold you back or stop you from experimenting… sometimes you prefer to keep it simple, straight forward and low profile. Today I wanted to share with you a look that I feel very comfortable with: keeping it minimally sharp with casual elegance.

This edgy COS jacket is my new staple favorite in my wardrobe! I wear it all the time, combining it with either a shirt or oversized t-shirt ( in the images also by COS).

I must confess that since I started blogging my personal taste and style has evolved... life would be so boring if we didn't?… right? I Look forward to sharing with you more adventurous and colorful surprising looks to kick off the Spring season... Remember to keep intouch to stay updated!

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