My funny Valentine, Sweet comic Valentine, You make me smile with my heart, Your looks are laughable, Unphotographable, Yet you're my favorite work of art.

It's always difficult to strike the right impression on St Valentines day. The day was first associated with romantic love in 18th century England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending valentine's cards. Well how could I resist that for a photoshoot! It’s almost February the 14th and love is in the air !!! Are you ready to pucker up?!? Remember you gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince these days!

1. The Romantic 

Flowers are always good. The idea someone has blown a huge amount of money on something that will be dead in 3 days (the flowers not the relationship) is a huge aphrodisiac! It's the grand gesture! It's highly seductive if not pricey! 8/10 success rate.

2. The Bribe

Well if Gentelmen prefer blondes, then ladies prefer diamonds!!! Or do they. Doesn't it suggest perhaps he thinks she's a goldigger and this is the quickest route to some hankie pankie?!? Perhaps she thinks that he thinks her affection can be bought. Success rate 2/10 unless she's a budding starlet and your an international actor with a salary to match!

3. The Cuddly Toy

Oh dear, high school first love flashbacks, not at all experienced, you know it will be a night of fumbling and awkward moments. We've all been there… Success rate 5/10 if your under 20... The exception being if you've just won it at the shooting gallery at the local fayre ground and it's a sure fire way into anyone's heart! 10/10 you've just bagged yourself the modern caveman!

4. The Booty Call

Seriously not a good idea for the long term! Does he think you need to be drunk to go to bed with him! This is a booty call make no mistake… Best slam the door and go to bed with a cup of coco which will be much more rewarding! 0/10 unless you're a desperate singleton!

5. Chocolates

Neuhaus is acceptable! Teuscher  is ok! No milk Tray! Anything Lindt or heart shaped or both definitely not! A box of foreign dark chocolates is best: suggests he is an international man of mystery, the diet is not in jeopardy (you simply can't eat too many dark chocolates in one sitting), the country of origin suggests a weekend mini-break on the horizon.... Congratlations you're no longer a singleton! Pack those bags now! Success rate 7/10.

6. Minh

Sometimes you don't need anything! Less is sometimes more. What's more precious than your time! Success rate10/10... But remember to look like you've made an effort… otherwise they'll think the football has been cancelled!

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