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At the risk of repeating myself, since starting my blog, I've been soo fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and work with so many talented and creative people whom otherrwise I would not have met. During the last Fashion Week in London, between shows, I bumped into and was photographed with the exceptional "tour de force" that is international acclaimed blogger Toni Tran who is also founder of! I was so lucky as my great friend, partner in crime and gifted photographer Bon Wongwannawat was also in town! The complete Asian dream team all in London at the same time!

With Tony, we really wanted the shoot to shout "London here we are!" Without a doubt the rooftop terrace of "One New Change" with the stupendous architectural backdrop of the dome of St Paul's Cathedral was the perfect location to highlight our dapper look of the day! I still remember that morning: a damp and dank typical British morning accompanied with a chilled whiplashing wind. It was impossible for us to stay composed for more than one minute! Hair and clothes all over the place! I wish we had made a bts video for you to appreciate the extreme British climate that the locals take for granted! Now I understand completely why Bridget Jones and Russell Brand always look windswept!

London is definitely an awe inspiring city for me! Full of energy and creativity! I can definitely see myself living there. Let’s see what the future will bring?!? I cannot wait to share more surprising "Best of British" photo shoots and special collaborations "Made in the UK"... Keep checking for updates !

Special thanks to for my dapper look!

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