Photography by Parinya Wongwannawat (

So good to be back!!! Spring is the time for fresh starts, new lives, colour and happiness! This Springtime shoot is something more fun, colourful and original! THE BIG JUMP features my favourite Shangainese menswear label: ThreeSociety (who else!) I love dressing dapper but I am a chameleon and find one style too limiting and prevents me from expressing the more funky impetuous side of my personnality. Here is a more sporty and edgy look for Spring! It's another side of me!

This article is obviously influenced by my current state of mind. The latest few weeks have been personnally very dark, intense and emotional for me. Sometimes in life, there are events that you are not able to control... I have learnt a lot, sometimes you have to walk away for your own sanity in order to move on and not destroy yourself. It hurts to let go someone that you love but sometimes it hurts more to hold on. I have also realized that I avoid taking risks in my life... probably the shock of the unknown or simply scared of stepping out of my comfort zone... When you have this strong feeling deep inside of you that something is missing in your life, it is important to step back and re-assess! It is probably time for me to make the big jump! We only live once! Let's see if I will find the answers in the coming weeks, but one thing is sure is that no matter what you do, never be afraid to fight for your dream... Or be strong enough to walk away when it becomes clear it's just all smoke screen and mirrors! Spring is here… It's about time for a fresh start!

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