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Spring is now upon us and our thoughts are turning to summer holidays! An escape, a new experience, a well earned rest... The chance to catch up with love ones or just a time to stand back and reflect. In July, I will be celebrating the two year anniversary of my blog. As a retrospective, I started to go through and reflect on all the images and articles posted in the last twelve months and I realised what a difference a year makes! On the outside the look, the hairstyle and the diversity of choice. As a fashion blogger, I know my personal style has evolved. I used to describe my style as geeky chic, I would say now that it is more refined cosmopolitan. And that's good... We all evolve, our tastes refine and we become more confident in our choices.

On the inside there have been changes too... I have grown emotionally through experience, am more careful, more analytical and less impulsive. More aware of who I am and what I want. Now it is time for me to turn the page and have a new start! I am actually thankful for the last year. Life's like a roller coaster it has its up and it has its downs. Without the lows you can't appreciate the highs! Who wants to ride on a carousel anyway! The view never changes it just repeats! I've learnt about the kind of person I definitely don't want to be, and that's a good thing. Life is too short right? It's no dress rehearsal! Let's just live life so every moment counts and no experience can be rewritten or revisited. Be the best person you can be without having the need to go back and apologize.

You may not always end up where you thought you were going. You may not end up with the person you imagined, but you will always end up where you are meant to be. I already know this Summer will definitely be the beginning of turning a new page! The same book just a brand new chapter, I just can't wait to see how the story unfolds and share with you the next installment!

What I do know is this summer will be a long hot summer: a tropical summer with a lot of exciting new experiences and projects!

For this article, I am wearing two of my favourite new suits. The double breast navy blue suit from Sandro Paris and a very sleek and timeless black suit from Calvin Klein Platinum. What do you think of the transformation: refined cosmopolitan or geeky chic? Perhaps it's no longer a choice perhaps it's just an evolution, like life you simply can't look back!

To be continued….

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