The big day has finally arrived! And as promised, July is not just the celebration month of the two years anniversary of iminhtouch.com but also the month of surprise! After much speculation and following weeks of endless packing… I am pleased to announce today that I will fly to Asia to begin a new chapter of my life! Whilst writing this, I am filled with emotions, joy, trepidation and excitement. I'm by no means Indiana Jones, probably more Bridget Jones, but I decided that it was time to leave my comfort zone (Switzerland) to pursue my dreams and passions on the other side of the world!

Just a few nights ago, my friends and colleagues decided to give me a little send-off. A fun rooftop farewell party to celebrate my new adventure! Oh what a night! We sipped minhjitos, barbequed every vegetable and meat from every continent, danced though the night and laughed way too much in probably 4 languages! I adored the enforced dress code for the occasion: No flowers, No entry! Here is an informal reportage from that very special evening forever engraved into my heart! I will miss you guys so very much indeed!

Last but not least, I would like to thank Switzerland for everything! You adopted me, nurtured me, saw me grow up and watched my every step. Now it is time for me to fly the nest! It is just a farewell and not a goodbye! Keep in touch and for sure, we will see each other again very soon!

Now stay tuned and discover my final destination! I simply cannot wait to share with you my new adventure step by step! Please join me on iminhtouch.com in my new journey eastwards!

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