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Gentlemen are you ready? This is it! Anna Vo is now designing for men too! I simply cannot miss this opportunity to share with you her new looks from her first ever Menswear Collection! 

I still remember the first time I met Anna: it was exactly one year ago at the first Vietnam Designer Fashion week held here in HCMC. I was stunned  by her collection but I must say even more impressed by the woman in person. Down to earth, positive, articulate, passionate and what a killer smile she has to flash to totally disarm you! Since then I am lucky enough that we became good friends and everytime we meet I ask her, "So Anna, when are you launching your men's collection so that I can wear you too?" The big day has finally arrived! Anna introduced her first Spring/Summer 2017 Menswear Collection at the ELLE Fashion Journey show this October.

For those of you who don't  know her yet, Anna Vo is a Vietnamese born designer, with an international background and knowledge. Her collections and creations remain "European" inspired in terms of form and fabric, but the details will always be Vietnamese or Asian in origin and delivery. Infact an absolutely perfect match with! European with an Asian origin!

This Spring/Summer 2017 Collection is called MACEDONIA, in italian, means Fruit Salad.

Last summer, Anna visited a few beautiful islands in south of Italy (Almafi Coast and Capri) and south of France (Nice and St. Tropez). One of the things she loves to do during the summer in Europe is to go to the “Morning Market”, where we can get fresh fruits and vegetables. She likes to call it “a Stylish Chic Morning Market”. The name says it all - she got to see beautiful European girls riding their bikes along the coast, wearing these floral silky colorful maxi dresses in stylish beach totes and beautiful simple strappy sandals to go and get their fresh fruits and vegetables. They look simply chic sophisticated, bare minimal makeup, natural shaped- hair, with details such as a stylish colorful beach bags decorated with pompom worn together with a pair of strappy sandals. She also saw a good amount of men who goes to this market. They are well- dressed as much as the women. A pair of white linen shorts, with a tailored white linen shirt and a stylish pair of moccasin. All of these give to Anna a simply pure European summer chic picture and inspired her for her collection. Being a Vietnamese designer, she took some of the most popular Vietnamese tropical fruits which she loves and eat quite often, varying from the iconic dragon fruit, to mangosteen, starfruits and soursop as the main prints and detail for “Macedonia”. In addition, their colors range from pink; green to plum and yellow give a youthful, fun and energetic feeling to this collection. 

Last but not least, Vietnamese craftsmanship is the main focus for this collection. Vietnamese are known for their artisan, hand- woven and embroideries techniques. With “Macedonia”, Anna wants to tell a story of Vietnamese craftsmanship, about our skillful talented workers, who spend day and night to make these designs. Each piece is hand- made, unique, and special in its own way. Each piece consists of many working hours, dedication and most of all the love for belief for my creation.

I am very lucky to collaborate with Anna and to have the chance to wear her creations. Everytime, I just feel special, confident and also proud to be Vietnamese!

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