Photography by Gia Han Le

After two months back in Switzerland, I have stepped back and had time to regenerate in the clean mountain air to detox both my body and soul. My time in Vietnam was definitely intense and challenging. Today, I want to reflect and embrace these ever changing life experiences. 

Time flies and today after more than 3 years blogging, I am drawn to a new direction for iminhtouch. I strongly believe that we should not ever stop evolving but constantly reinvent ourselves and challenge our own creativity. This post is very special to me. It will be the last article on my blog... However, don't panic... this is definitely not a goodbye just a re-birth! I simply have some surprises in store for you and promise not to let you down! 

I want to take this opportunity in my life to redirect my energy! It is now time for new beginnings and I can't wait to unwrap the future and share with you much much more very soon!

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